Care Guide

Washing Guide

We encourage you to wash your Tallboto swimsuit less. Not only will this prolong the life of your swimsuit, but it's also better for the environment. Ensure that you always rinse your swimsuit with clean water after every use to remove any salt or chlorine.

We advise against machine washing swimwear because all that tumbling around causes delicate fibers to degrade more quickly. If you find that hand washing alone isn't enough, a one-off 'deep clean' in the washing machine may just do the trick. Opt for the eco-setting, on a short cycle 20c. Do not mix with rough fabrics like denim and make sure there are no clothes with zips, buttons or velcro that could catch and pull at the swimsuit. Generally only washing with other swimwear and underwear is best. 

Do not use bleach, bleach-based detergents or softeners. Do not iron or dry clean your swimsuit. Sun safety comes above all else, however unfortunately sunscreen and lotions can sometimes cause stains, so just be extra careful where you apply and spray.


Drying Guide

Simply lay your swimsuit flat on a drying rack or flat surface and leave it to dry. This can be outside or inside, but preferably in a warm and dry environment. If you need it to dry super-fast, lay it out under the sun for 10 minutes. Don't worry, the colours won't fade.

Do not machine dry your swimsuit. Drying your swimsuit in a tumble dryer or similar will heat up and break apart all the woven fibers throughout the fabric and will dramatically reduce the longevity of your swimsuit.

After use, do not attempt to squeeze the excess water out of your swimsuit by twisting or scrunching it, as this may break the fibers and cause your swimsuit to loose shape. Instead simply roll it in your towel, which should soak up the excess water until you get home. 

Do not leave your swimsuit wet at the bottom of your bag for any period of time as this creates a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Mould will appear like little black dots which aren't easy to remove and can leave behind permanent stains, especially on lighter fabrics.


Chlorine Guide

Polyester is a hardy fabric that is generally very resistant to chlorine if cared for correctly. If you swim regularly in chlorinated pools, we advise alternating between different swimsuits to give each one a break, as well as with following the care instructions detailed below.

Extra care and attention will need to be taken when using your Tallboto swimsuit in a chlorinated pool (this also includes hot tubs or any other chemical-treated water). Always shower before getting into the swimming pool, not only is this recommended from a hygiene perspective but it also helps to dilute the chlorine when it first hits your swimsuit. Rinse with clean water immediately after swimming. Still wet, lay it flat on a towel and gently roll it up. As soon as you get home, rinse through clean water again to ensure you get all the chlorine off, add a little natural detergent (non bleach/ no softener) if you can still smell the chlorine. They lay it flat to dry.