Women In Tallboto Swimwear

Fun Active Tall Swimwear


Long torso swimsuits and swimwear for tall women! Dive into fun and comfort with our swimsuits designed specifically to flatter your figure. Our longer length swimsuits provide the supportive fit where you need it most. Say goodbye to tugging and adjusting. Embrace confidence and freedom in the water and discover a range of fun designs, vibrant colors, and flattering silhouettes that celebrate your unique height.

Swimwear that's tailor-made for you. Shop now and make a splash with our long torso swimsuits and swimsuits for tall women!

We're a sustainable swimwear brand and that's why all our swimsuits are made from recycled plastic, giving new life to materials that would otherwise pollute our oceans. By choosing Tallboto, you're making a conscious choice for the environment.

We're also proud to say that our swimwear is manufactured right here in London. Our local production ensures high-quality craftsmanship, supports local communities and priotises fair wages for the talented people involved in the production process.

Plastic Bottel In Water


There are many amazing things about being tall. Seeing everything at concerts. Reaching the top shelf. Wow factor when you enter a room. But when it comes to finding well-fitting swimsuits, us tall women and longer bodies do not have it easy. 

Say goodbye to uncomfortable wedgies, bulges, and side boob mishaps. Our tall swimsuits for women are tailored to accommodate longer bodies, ensuring a comfortable and confident swim/dip. No more constantly readjusting or dealing with straps that dig into your shoulders. Experience the joy of fun, stylish, and active swimwear that prioritises comfort above all else. Discover the difference with our long torso swimsuits designed to make you feel fabulous in and out of the water.